Visual Design

Visual Design UX Bootcamp with Mark Boulton

An incredibly practical way to learn typography, colour and layout.

Tickets on sale from midday (GMT) on 5 January 2012 and are limited to 12 participants.
Optional Fireworks training: £150 + VAT
Visual Design Bootcamp: £350 + VAT


Day One (Optional): Fireworks for Beginners
Thursday, 26 April, 2012

Days Two & Three: Visual Design Bootcamp
Friday & Saturday, 27-28 April, 2-12]


TBC (Central London, UK)


Mark Boulton, Creative Director, Mark Boulton Design

Mark is not only internationally recognised as one of the web’s great designers, he’s also really experienced at playing well with User Experience people in project teams and are brilliant at sharing how he think’s about the work that they do and how it supports the creation of good User Experience.


We’re aiming to minimise the formal ‘teaching’ and spend the majority of the time working on hands on projects. Less yammering, more hammering. Learning by doing.

The format of Visual Design Bootcamp will be:

The Theory: Everything you need know about Typography, Colour and Layout to make better designs and have better conversations with designers.

Design Project:

Stage One: you’ll be given a wireframe and a design brief. Start designing! As you go, you can call on the trainers for advice, suggestions, feedback. After a couple of hours we’ll move onto …

Stage Two: Design Critique. In a small group, you’ll present your designs in progress and we’ll do some design critique. Don’t panic, this is an important UX technique and a great way to learn. See the reading list for more information about the Design Critique method we’ll be using.

Stage Three: Iteration: taking what you learned from the design critique session, make some changes to your design and see how it improves.

Saturday, same process, new project. Brief, design, critique, iterate. If time allows (and it did last time) you’ll even have time to start doing design work on a personal or side project you’re working on.

Each day we’ll have lunchtime discussion groups talking about how the relevance of what we’re learning to our craft and how we can and will apply this in practice.

Fireworks for Beginners

If you want to do Visual Design Bootcamp but you’re not proficient with a suitable software package (eg. Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, InDesign), you should take this day of training in order to prepare for the Visual Design bootcamp.

You will need to be able to proficiently operate one of these software packages in order to participate in the bootcamp. We can not guarantee to be able to provide technical support if you do not have sufficient proficiency in your software of choice.

There is zero assumed knowledge for this course training day.


There are two main reasons you’d come to Visual Design Bootcamp.

  1. Because you want to be able to create deliverables that are more designerly and less wireframe-ly. You might be in a smaller team where you need to pick up some of this area of work or find yourself constrained because you don’t have this skillset.
  2. Because you want to be able to communicate with designers who specialise in type, colour and layout more effectively (visual designers, graphic designers, call them what you will).

These are both really great ways to become a better UXer.
And that’s why there’s Bootcamp.

Tickets on sale from midday (GMT) 5 January 2012